This last week the United States honored as well as felt a deep loss from the passing of Senator John Mccain. I’m sure no one recognized what a remarkable hand he had that maps perfectly to his life. Anyone with fingers with such a thick square hand is in the category of a warrior – Trump, Putin, Chavez, Stalin, Netanyahu, and probably his father and grandfather, both admirals, all share the same hand shape. All people with this hand type cope with tremendous pressure and pain and hence we often see this in politicians who face controversy and debate. But what sets John Mccain apart are his fingers – such a small index finger shows his nice passive side and need to prove himself. Anyone with a long pinky as well, that reaches into the base of the ring finger tip is clever. Look at Patrick Stewart’s (Capt. Piccard) hand and you will see the same pinky as well as need for strategy and setting the course. Mccain had this in his personality as we see it in the hand. The line emanating out from his thumb is called a Mars attack line. Most of us have them when we deal with challenges. But this one, as thick as it is, was a challenge that defined him at 30 – captured after his leg and arm broke ejecting from the plane only to be put for months at a time in a 6 foot by 2 foot box and beaten for 2 years. He returned to a wife who was handicapped from a car wreck. His story is a story of facing obstacles and triumphing with dignity and like those who share his hands shape, no stranger to controversy. Fire/Earth + Mars, #JohnMccain #handanalysis #palmistry