This hand belongs to a remarkable and very kind seminar leader who teaches the wonderful healing power of breathing, with almost a million views on Tedx.  His hand shape is square (Earth) with many lines (Fire). Earth/Fire are brilliant workers and empire builders. With such a strong thumb, he has great strength in holding the world together. Notice all the lines emanating from the area below the thumb into the palm, Mars line. Anyone who knows Max would agree he is a deeply sensitive and gentle soul. But if it is in your hand it is in your life. He confronts many challenges in his workshop for people who have held onto difficult circumstances as he guides them through the trauma. His long pinky (mercury) shows his endless pursuit for understanding the hidden laws of breath meditation to create a whole new system of healing.

Notice the circle “whorl” formation in this palm below the ring and middle finger. If you look closely at your own palm, you might have some interesting palm patterns and all of them have a say about what energy is fulfilling in your life. Anyone with this particular formation has both a calling and talent to be a teacher in the public limelight, bringing order, philosophy, virtue, ethics, new structure and wisdom out into the world.

The depth on the base of his heart line shows his depth of feeling.

Definitely worth watching!