Notice the length of the fingers. This hand has short fingers (fire) and a long palm (air). So two types of energy blended into one. *Anyone* with a fire/air hand shape has a playful and intense nature and loves freedom (that’s the fire). The long palm brings an intellectual side that makes the person process information longer. There are many lines on these hands if you look closely. This brings even more intensity, charisma and electricity to the character. Imagine Jim Carrey and you start to get the flavor. Now notice the many tiny long lines that are extruding outward from thumb into the palm, especially from the small bulge above the thumb. That is the region of Mars. People with Mars are attracted to challenges and finding out what they’re made of. Since the hands are entrepreneurial in nature, this makes the person even more extroverted and a champion of ideas. These are my hands. I use this talent to get the book out and challenge the status quo who are yet unable to realize the power of hand analysis 🙂 #FireAir #Mars