Ah, the world is full of wonder! Isn’t it? This person sees the glass half full, even when the cup may be a drop away from empty. There is a spiritual depth to them that sees through the surfaces to what lies beneath. They are the Enchantresses and Enchanters of this world, bringing an awareness that sees the world to be full of nuances with meaning and metaphor. They are tuned into the depth within all of creation. Impressionable more so than any other type, they respond to their environment and inner world with acute sensitivity. Negative thoughts, harshness of any sort and the crude reality of things aren’t suitable to their well-being. A soft lit sunrise with essential oils and the gentle company of a beloved spiritual companion is more their sensibility. Unlike other people who may miss the subtle differences in energies between one place and another, this person picks up on it.

Edith Boiling Wilson, Wife of Woodrow Wilson. Source: Alice Denton Jennings