This is someone who has a way with people. They’re so in tune with the mind-body-spirit of themselves and others that they are able to be a sensitive resource to others who are looking to heal themselves holistically. Gentle and full of feelings, they are the person you call when you need to be with someone who is caring no matter what and don’t put anyone down. They are contemplative in nature, and very giving. Stable yet deep, they have spiritual roots that connect with a group or individual on a deep unspoken level. Being a down-to-earth spiritual guide would fit this person, for if they were helping others through life with their love and healing sessions, or through yoga and massage, they would greatly benefit others. Embodying Namaste, the saying which means “God in me greets God in you”, this way of being is part of this person’s life whether they know about the saying or not. Enjoying friendship, deep connections with others and the beauty that is life, they bring caring to their work and a big heart wherever they go.

Source: Anonymous Jewelry Seller, Burning Mountain